Perks on a Budget

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Perks on a Budget

New postby Timesplitta8 on 06 Aug 2016, 23:28

Getting the best Invention perks can be quite frustrating. I've burned through many millions of GP trying to get the right combinations only to discover that it is actually quite cheap to get pretty good perks. Here are some good, cheap perks that I recommend for bossing & skilling:

Venomblood + Shield Bashing - Venomblood negates normal poison damage, which is great for certain bosses. Shield bashing increases the damage you deal with the Debilitate skill, which is also great at many bosses. Try these combinations in an Armour gizmo:
3-4 stacks of Deflecting Parts (common material from most armour)
1 stack of Healthy Parts (uncommon material from potions & food. I like Energy, Combat, and Restore Pots)
1 stack of Evasive Parts (uncommon part from ranged armour. I like cheaper d'hide pieces)

Absorbative 3 - Absorbative 3 generates an effective 3% damage reduction by reducing 20% of the damage you take 15% of the time. These can easily be gotten using 5 Fungal Components in an armour gizmo a handful of times. The best way to get Fungal components is to disassemble Ganodermic Boots and Gloves as each gives 4 Fungal comps. You can also level up augmented ganodermic equipment and disassemble it at level 10 for 16 fungal comps and lots of XP.

Lucky 4-5
- Lucky provides a 0.5% chance per rank to prevent all incoming damage. At tier 4 or 5, you are effectively taking 2-2.5% less damage. Lucky is easy to get with a combination of 4 Fortunate Comps (a Special material that comes from almost all treasure trail rewards) and 1 Light component (an uncommon part that comes from Daggers and Gems). It may take 10 or more tries to get tier 4-5, but the materials are not very expensive.

Precise/Equilibrium - Precise and equilibrium are an easy combo to get on a weapon gizmo at a very low cost. Disassemble willow shieldbows until you have about 100 precise components, make a full inventory of Weapon Gizmos and fill them with 5 precise each. The best combination I have gotten has been Precise 3/Equilibrium 2 which increases my average hit by about 4.9%. If you level Armadyl gear to 10 and disassemble it, you will get 4 Armadyl Comps. 5 Armadyl Comps can be used to guarantee Precise 5. Combine this with a separate Weapon Gizmo with Equilibrium 2 for about a 6.4% increase to your average hit.

Crackling 3 - Crackling will occasionally blast your target for up to 150% weapon damage. It is quite easy to get the level 3 perk using 4 Explosive Components and 1 Magic or Imbued component. You get 7 explosive per Hand Cannon you disassemble, so two hand cannons gives you three chances at Crackling 3. DO NOT USE 5 EXPLOSIVE IN THE SAME GIZMO. YOU WILL PROBABLY GET ULTIMATUMS INSTEAD OF CRACKLING.

Devoted 2-3 - Devoted 2-3 gives a 6% or 9% chance of triggering the devoted ability for 3 seconds upon taking damage. The devoted ability allows your protection prayers to work at 100% instead of 50%. I prefer to disassemble Saradomin Murmurs, Whispers, and Hisses to get Saradomin components for this perk. I have yet to get Devoted 3, but Devoted 2 works pretty well.

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