General Guidelines

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General Guidelines

New postby Robey Ray on 19 Jul 2017, 02:08

1. Keep it family friendly. Avoid topics that you would not want everyone in real life to know about. If you wouldn’t feel comfortable saying it to your boss or your family then it may be a good idea to forget about it.
Topics to avoid:
a. *censored* or Sexual Topics
b. Any Drugs or Substitutes for Drugs
c. Violence
d. Racial Discrimination
e. Anything that can be classified under hate talk

If you wish to discuss these topics with someone then keep it private in a PM or in your preferred private communication.

2. Do not beg for items. We’ve all been at that point where we want to progress but we didn’t have the funds or items and we somehow survived. You can too. If you really need something then make it your goal and prosper. It’s okay to ask for assistance. It’s not okay to ask for charity. Remember, you’re asking for someone’s time when you ask for something from them. Whether they want to give it to you without something in return is up to them and it should be at their discretion.

3. Do not swear. This may go back to the family friendly topic but you should attempt to avoid swearing as much as possible. Once or twice is flavour. Any more, it starts to come across as immature. This is a somewhat grey area and you should try to avoid it if possible.

4. Do not harass other members. You come online in your spare time to do something that is enjoyable. It wouldn’t be appreciated if someone was to harass you in your free time. All we ask is for you to treat others as you wish to be treated. If you don’t wish to be treated well then perhaps you may want to change your mindset as this is a bare minimum.
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