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New postby Camoqueen1 on 14 Mar 2014, 22:15

today at 3:55 i got my 62 pick axe since this quest came out.I am not an expert but can tell you what i do.Many are ask how i get so many.Here what i do and what i take and what i wear.Excuse my spelling.Items I wear.Ring of wealth,glory fully charged,Dragon boots,legends cape,neitznot helm,gem bag,proselyt body and legs what because all this is cheap.I wield sara godsword,take 2 crystal bows some ppl perfer mageing.I take 2 ppots just incase i need them and 50 laws 50 air runes to telly grab with.rest monks.
The cave is divided into 3 places each divided by rolls of rocks. When you step into cave is 1 where general or commander stays.Then there is the middle of cave divide by rocks and 3rd place is the side where dworges stay mostly.I go to the middle turn range prayer on because cannoneers from far side will be ranging me at this point.I fight in the middle killing lev 48 chaos dwarfs and chaos cannoneers that are attacking me.I NEVER EVER go to far side where dworges usually stay.Why because then everything attacks you which causes you to use lots prayer and food and cant stay in cave long that way.If i have to kill anything from far side mage or range it from middle of cave and telly grab item you want.If you want to kill the dworge wait til they get in middle area.People have told me they drop picks i have never gotten a pick from dworges so not sure about this.They drop seeds and coins for me.I only attack them when im bored or waiting on dwarfs to respawn.I always kill the 48 chaos and cannoneers.NEVER EVER hit a black guard or beserker. These are you friends why because they help you fight cannoneers ,dworges or chaos dwarfs.After awhile everything stops attacking you and you can turn prayer off.Then i switch from bordum from sword to bow.NEVER have auto retaliate on.It is safe to go to first part of cave near entrance and the middle part that where i will fight.If you perfer to mage only mage 1 at a time not many at a time.I pick up all my coins,why because wiki says 1/5000 kills get a pick axe.i know when im getting close to 50k soon will be a pick.hope this helps and have fun be safe,good luck and forgive my spelling.
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